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New Data Sheet for SPUR ACUROL-N



New Data Sheet for SPUR SHADOWmax

SPUR SHADOWmax is a special push developer for Kodak Tmax 400.
With SHADOWmax you get results at a maximum ISO of 1600/33°
which are not possible with any other developer.



 New SPUR SHADOWmax Developer


The New SPUR TRX 2000

You want wonderful tones and a perfect density curve? Even with sensitivities of up to two f-stops above the rated film speed?

In contrast to conventional push developers, SPUR TRX 2000 is characterized not only by unusually good shadow
detail, even at maximum film speed, but also by tonal values which are otherwise only possible when developing
to nominal film speed. The difference to our push developer SPUR Speed-Major is that, above all else, the tonal values and density curve have been optimized as much as possible. For this purpose, SPUR TRX 2000 was tuned to a slightly smoother contrast, so that in some films the highest achievable film speed is slightly lower than in SPUR Speed-Major. Tones and density curve, however, are significantly improved. Furthermore, the SPUR TRX 2000 delivers fine-grained and extremely sharp results.

As example photos we show some nature and landscape photos, taken with the Kodak Tri X (35mm-film) with a
sensitivity of ISO 1600/33°. The pictures received only a tonal correction, no further editing was done. In order to
demonstrate the tonal quality at this film speed, we show for comparison one of the pictures also as raw scan
(without any processing, thus also without tonal correction). The 100% representation represents an image size of approx. 1.10m x 1.60m.

SPUR TRX 2000 is offered as a 100 ml, 250ml and 500ml bottle. Since the dilutions at nominal film speed are very
high, developing is very inexpensive.

For your information:

So far, we have only tested the push sensitivities for some films, and only for the films listed with several film speeds
in the development chart. If only one film speed is listed, it will conform to the ISO standard or zone system, even if
it is higher or lower than the nominal film speed, which is not always correctly stated by the film manufacturer.
Rollei RPX 400 reaches ISO 800/30° according to the ISO standard, JCH Street Pan 400 only ISO 80/20°.
Other sensibilities will be tested on the pushable films. The datasheeat will therefore receive updates.

Data Sheet





Updated Developing Charts / Data Sheets

New speed limits of SPUR high-resolution-photography
01-09-19 New Fine Art Price List
23-04-18 New: A Perfect Match


The new developer SPUR Nanotech UR reaches sensational high film speed of up to ISO 50/18° with SPUR Orthopan UR film.

High-resolution full-tone B/W-photography with document films
SPUR has progressed the high-resolution documentary-film development for full-tone B/W-photography since a long time.
Because of latest R&D and a precise tuning of film emulsion and developer, the last restriction of high-resolution films -the low film speed- could be eliminated.
With the new developer SPUR Nanotech UR the highest resolution film SPUR Orthopan UR can have film speeds between ISO 6/9° and ISO 50/18° (35mm-film). Until ISO 25/15° the contrast is normal. At film speeds of ISO 40/17° and higher, a contrast of N+1 with denser highlights is achieved.
With 120-film, the maximum speed is ISO 40/17°. At this speed the contrast is N+0.5.
The loss of shadow detail is low, even at highest film speeds.
The qualities of the former SPUR developer Nanospeed SL are at least reached with Nanotech UR and are generally exceeded. Even at highest speeds the grain stays so small that it can only be noticed at 50x magnification. Detail contrast and sharpness are noticeably better. The Nanotech UR developing method achieves a quality which no other film-developer-combination can reach.
The former SPUR Nanospeed SL is no longer available.

Data Sheet SPUR Nanotech UR

© 2018 Heribert Schain. All rights reserved. Please click on the photos to enlarge

100% picture size is 1.10m x 1.60m. Tonal values were adjusted after scanning. Apart from that, the photos were not sharpened or processed in any other way.

 30-11-15 New product: SPUR Ultrafix A


Alkaline Fixer for BW Films and Papers

To complement our product range, this autumn we have developed a new, alkaline fixer as a counterpart to our acidic fixer Ultrafix N.

© 2015 Heribert Schain. All rights reserved. Ultrafix A – alkaline fixing agent. Ultrafix N – acidic fixing agent. Please click on the photos to enlarge

SPUR Ultrafix A (“A” meaning: alkaline) is an alkaline fixer for BW films and papers. It is odourless and can be used for all customary BW fixing purposes. SPUR Ultrafix A features a high capacity and high fixing speed, which makes for, and ensures, full fixing of films and papers even with short processing times.
For films and papers, you may choose all dilutions from 1+5 to 1+10.

Due to the alkaline pH value of the working solution, you must always use a stop bath with Ultrafix A. We recommend our pristine SPUR Stopbad (formerly: SPUR “Unterbrecherbad”).
SPUR Ultrafix A is available in the same sizes and at the same prices as SPUR Ultrafix N: 250 ml is 6.90€, 1 l costs 12.80€, and 5 l will set you back 42.90€.

Data Sheet Ultrafix A

New! Data Sheet SPUR Ultrafix N and SPUR Ultrafix Plus H SPUR Ultrafix N is an acidic fixer and hardener for BW films and papers. It can be used for all customary BW fixing purposes. SPUR Ultrafix N features a high capacity and high fixing speed, which makes for, and ensures, full fixing of films and papers even with short processing times. Dilution for films: 1+4 to 1+7. Dilution for papers: 1+7 to 1+9. SPUR Ultrafix Plus H is a hardening additive for SPUR Ultrafix N, which is added to the working solution.

Dream Combination Kodak Tri-X 400/ SPUR SLD

SPUR users may give us feedback on their results and tell us about so-called dream film/ developer combinations they have found. Established dream combinations are e.g. Kodak Tmax 400/ SPUR HRX, Fuji Acros 100/ SPUR SD 2525, Rollei RPX 25/ SPUR SD 2525 and Rollei Ortho 25/ SPUR ACUROL-N.

Now we would like to tell you about a dream combination that is not so well-known but is preferred by some users due to its especially good results.

The combination concerned is Kodak Tri-X/ SPUR SLD. About six months ago Ralf Sänger told me that he had never gotten to terms with Tri-X, no matter which developer he had tried, and so he never used this film.

We recommended SPUR SLD for developing Tri-X. Now he constantly uses this combination. This year, after his holiday in Brittany France, we got the following e-mail by him:

The discovery of the year to me was actually Tri-X developed in SLD.

As it happens I’m excited about the finely accentuated grain, the outstanding sharpness and the detail contrast, but what stuns me the most is the perfect shadow differentiation at a real speed of ISO 1000/31°.

Even in the deepest shadows there is differentiation. I can decide where I want differentiation and where I want to expose for black. I wouldn’t have thought that my enthusiasm for TMY/ HRX could be topped but now it’s happened.“

Ralf Sänger has made some photos of his available for us to publish. As he uses a condenser for enlarging, he exposes the film at ISO 1000/31° and develops it as indicated for ISO 800/31° in the Push Developing Chart for SPUR SLD (without Push-Master). His developing time he is slightly shorter: 11.5 min. We think the results are great.

© 2015 Ralf Sänger. All rights reserved.

Kodak Tri-X 400, exposed as ISO 1000/31°, developed as ISO 800/30° according to the Push Developing Chart for SPUR SLD

09-11-15 Updated High Resolution Guideline by Heribert Schain
A guideline on high resolution photography was published on the SPUR website for the first time in 2006. The author of the guideline was Heribert Schain. Two weeks ago, we posted a newly updated version, which is now available for download in English. The text provides a sound knowledge base on high resolution photography in the form of a mini compendium.
pdf download
22-09-15 SPUR High Resolving Power Photography: New Developing Techniques


Now Easy Handling And Handsome Price Reduction

SPUR B/ W High Resolving Power Photography

High resolving power microfilms have been opened up for pictorial photography by SPUR for 25 years now. It is on account of an increase in speed of up to ISO 50/ 18°, a huge exposure latitude of 12 to 14 stops, high tonality and an all-time resolution even from the point of view of digital photography that high resolving power microfilms plus the corresponding developers manufactured by SPUR have increasingly found their way into users‘ darkrooms.

After intensive research and developing leading to new findings about developing processes we have succeeded in radically facilitating and improving the previous, exacting developing techniques for microfilms. Therefore we now present the new SPUR SL developing techniques. “SL“ means “shelf life“, pointing to the much improved storage life.

The advantages of the new SPUR SL developing techniques are the following:

  • easy handling with high fault tolerance, thus especially suitable for first-time users
  • substantially improved detail contrast and sharpness
  • much higher storage life of the developers of at least 3 to 4 years
  • considerably lower cost per film development owing to cost-efficient manufacture

For the pictorial development of the currently available microfilms we now offer three new, SPUR SL developers matched to the emulsions of microfilms:

1. SPUR Dokuspeed SL for the development of SPUR DSX/ Agfa Copex Rapid film
2. SPUR Nanospeed SL 135 for the development of SPUR Orthopan UR 35 mm film
3. SPUR Nanospeed SL 120 for the development of SPUR Orthopan UR and ADOX CMS 20 roll films

The previous product SPUR Modular UR New is as of now no longer available.

28-04-15 New Data Sheet and Dev Chart for SPUR SD 2525 sharpness developer. SD 2525 boasts approximately the same sharpness, yet is more fine grained than SPUR ACUROL-N. Times for out of date films such as eg Efke 25 and 50, Agfa APX 100 and 400 were removed, and new times for modern bw films were added including AgfaPhoto 100 New and 400 New, Kentmere 100 and 400, Adox Silvermax and CHS 100 II amongst others. A new inversion tact (once a minute) brings about higher speed in some emulsions, eg Kodak Tmax 100, Ilford Delta 100 and 400.
28-01-15 Data Sheet SPUR Push-Master: Push-Additive for SPUR SLD
Due to its relatively soft mode of action and despite its very high speed utililisation, there are various soft emulsions which are not suitable for being pushed with SPUR SLD. To achieve very high push speeds when using SLD even with those films, we have conceived and brought on the market the new product SPUR Push-Master.
16-10-14 New SPUR SLD dev chart with new times and a new inversion tact: 30 secs permanently, and once per min thereafter
09-08-14 Film Speed – Ads vs Reality An enlightening article by Heribert Schain
27-05-14 New Data Sheet SPUR ACUROL-N When a dev chart was established for ACUROL-N, times for AGFA APX 100, Rollei Retro 100 and AGFAPHOTO APX 100 NEW were the same as all three films were the same emulsion. In the meantime the emulsion of AGFAPHOTO APX 100 NEW has changed, while the other two films have remained the same. Please refer to today’s newly updated dev chart when developing AGFAPHOTO APX 100 NEW in SPUR ACUROL-N except if using old stock.
10-05-14 New Data Sheet SPUR Ultraspeed Vario with new times for Ilford Delta 100, Ilford Delta 400 and Kentmere 400
02-05-14 Data Sheet SPUR HRX and new Developing Chart HRX with times for Fomapan 100 and Rollei RPX 25
01-05-14 New Data Sheet SPUR Ultraspeed Vario
25-04-14 Data Sheet SPUR Ultraspeed Vario