Some data sheet 2015 – 2019

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  • New data sheet for SPUR Speed-Major featuring a quality rating of the highest obtainable speeds. We have tested Kodak Tmax P3200 and are thrilled to reveal here that with this film/developer combination, it is now possible to achieve box speed according to the Zone System!


Updated Developing Charts / Data Sheets

28-04-15 New Data Sheet and Dev Chart for SPUR SD 2525 sharpness developer. SD 2525 boasts approximately the same sharpness, yet is more fine grained than SPUR ACUROL-N. Times for out of date films such as eg Efke 25 and 50, Agfa APX 100 and 400 were removed, and new times for modern bw films were added including AgfaPhoto 100 New and 400 New, Kentmere 100 and 400, Adox Silvermax and CHS 100 II amongst others. A new inversion tact (once a minute) brings about higher speed in some emulsions, eg Kodak Tmax 100, Ilford Delta 100 and 400.
28-01-15 Data Sheet SPUR Push-Master: Push-Additive for SPUR SLD
Due to its relatively soft mode of action and despite its very high speed utililisation, there are various soft emulsions which are not suitable for being pushed with SPUR SLD. To achieve very high push speeds when using SLD even with those films, we have conceived and brought on the market the new product SPUR Push-Master.
16-10-14 New SPUR SLD dev chart with new times and a new inversion tact: 30 secs permanently, and once per min thereafter
27-05-14 New Data Sheet SPUR ACUROL-N When a dev chart was established for ACUROL-N, times for AGFA APX 100, Rollei Retro 100 and AGFAPHOTO APX 100 NEW were the same as all three films were the same emulsion. In the meantime the emulsion of AGFAPHOTO APX 100 NEW has changed, while the other two films have remained the same. Please refer to today’s newly updated dev chart when developing AGFAPHOTO APX 100 NEW in SPUR ACUROL-N except if using old stock.
10-05-14 New Data Sheet SPUR Ultraspeed Vario with new times for Ilford Delta 100, Ilford Delta 400 and Kentmere 400
02-05-14 Data Sheet SPUR HRX and new Developing Chart HRX with times for Fomapan 100 and Rollei RPX 25
01-05-14 New Data Sheet SPUR Ultraspeed Vario
25-04-14 Data Sheet SPUR Ultraspeed Vario