SPUR High Resolving Power Photography

New Developing Techniques (22-09-15)

Now Easy Handling And Handsome Price Reduction

SPUR B/ W High Resolving Power Photography

High resolving power microfilms have been opened up for pictorial photography by SPUR for 25 years now. It is on account of an increase in speed of up to ISO 50/ 18°, a huge exposure latitude of 12 to 14 stops, high tonality and an all-time resolution even from the point of view of digital photography that high resolving power microfilms plus the corresponding developers manufactured by SPUR have increasingly found their way into users‘ darkrooms.

After intensive research and developing leading to new findings about developing processes we have succeeded in radically facilitating and improving the previous, exacting developing techniques for microfilms. Therefore we now present the new SPUR SL developing techniques. “SL“ means “shelf life“, pointing to the much improved storage life.

The advantages of the new SPUR SL developing techniques are the following:

  • easy handling with high fault tolerance, thus especially suitable for first-time users
  • substantially improved detail contrast and sharpness
  • much higher storage life of the developers of at least 3 to 4 years
  • considerably lower cost per film development owing to cost-efficient manufacture

For the pictorial development of the currently available microfilms we now offer three new, SPUR SL developers matched to the emulsions of microfilms:

1. SPUR Dokuspeed SL for the development of SPUR DSX/ Agfa Copex Rapid film
2. SPUR Nanospeed SL 135 for the development of SPUR Orthopan UR 35 mm film
3. SPUR Nanospeed SL 120 for the development of SPUR Orthopan UR and ADOX CMS 20 roll films