SPUR Ultrafix A

SPUR Ultrafix A
SPUR Ultrafix A - alkalisches Fixierbad

Alkaline Fixer for BW Films and Papers

To complement our product range, this autumn we have developed a new, alkaline fixer as a counterpart to our acidic fixer Ultrafix N.

© 2015 Heribert Schain. All rights reserved. Ultrafix A – alkaline fixing agent. Ultrafix N – acidic fixing agent. Please click on the photos to enlarge

SPUR Ultrafix A (“A” meaning: alkaline) is an alkaline fixer for BW films and papers. It is odourless and can be used for all customary BW fixing purposes. SPUR Ultrafix A features a high capacity and high fixing speed, which makes for, and ensures, full fixing of films and papers even with short processing times.
For films and papers, you may choose all dilutions from 1+5 to 1+10.

Due to the alkaline pH value of the working solution, you must always use a stop bath with Ultrafix A. We recommend our pristine SPUR Stopbad (formerly: SPUR “Unterbrecherbad”).
SPUR Ultrafix A is available in the same sizes and at the same prices as SPUR Ultrafix N: 250 ml is 6.90€, 1 l costs 12.80€, and 5 l will set you back 42.90€.