A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match
Orthopan UR KB - ISO 50

The new developer SPUR Nanotech UR reaches sensational high film speed of up to ISO 50/18° with SPUR Orthopan UR film.

High-resolution full-tone B/W-photography with document films
SPUR has progressed the high-resolution documentary-film development for full-tone B/W-photography since a long time.
Because of latest R&D and a precise tuning of film emulsion and developer, the last restriction of high-resolution films -the low film speed- could be eliminated.
With the new developer SPUR Nanotech UR the highest resolution film SPUR Orthopan UR can have film speeds between ISO 6/9° and ISO 50/18° (35mm-film). Until ISO 25/15° the contrast is normal. At film speeds of ISO 40/17° and higher, a contrast of N+1 with denser highlights is achieved.
With 120-film, the maximum speed is ISO 40/17°. At this speed the contrast is N+0.5.
The loss of shadow detail is low, even at highest film speeds.
The qualities of the former SPUR developer Nanospeed SL are at least reached with Nanotech UR and are generally exceeded. Even at highest speeds the grain stays so small that it can only be noticed at 50x magnification. Detail contrast and sharpness are noticeably better. The Nanotech UR developing method achieves a quality which no other film-developer-combination can reach.
The former SPUR Nanospeed SL is no longer available.


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100% picture size is 1.10m x 1.60m. Tonal values were adjusted after scanning. Apart from that, the photos were not sharpened or processed in any other way.